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Does your oral health suffer because of the loss of a tooth or two? If so, we have exciting news to share with you! Dental bridges are an excellent way to restore your oral health and missing teeth. To help you learn more about dental bridges, our skilled dentist with James Aldridge Jr. DDS in Huntington, West Virginia, is happy to talk to you about their benefits.

Here is a list of benefits and advantages of choosing dental bridges to restore your oral health:

– Missing teeth can make your smile look bad. Replace missing teeth with reliable replacements such as dental bridges.

– If you have ever had any missing teeth, you know how hard it may be to eat particular foods sometimes. Dental bridges can reverse this hindrance.

– If you have struggled with your speech patterns linked to missing teeth, dental bridges can help.

– If your bite stability is hindered or impaired due to missing teeth, dentures may be needed to help restore the proper bite force distribution evenly across your mouth.

– Oftentimes with missing teeth, nearby and adjacent teeth will move around. Prevent this with dental bridges.

– With dental bridges in place, you can lower your risk for several oral health ailments including plaque buildup in the missing gaps caused by tooth loss.

If you would like more intel on dental bridges and wonder if dental bridges are ideal for you, please call us today at 304-523-3666 to set up a consultation. Dr. James N. Aldridge Jr. and our team is happy to give you an evaluation to see if dental bridges are the right path for you.