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At the dental practice of James Aldridge Jr. DDS in Huntington, West Virginia, our goal is to help you maintain your healthiest smile. This is important because if you have an ongoing medical condition such as diabetes, your oral health can impact your condition. Let’s take a look!

The microbiology in your mouth can be scary as it is home to millions of bacteria. This bacteria causes tooth decay and gum disease in your smile and lives in a sticky film in your mouth called plaque. Plaque coats your tooth surfaces and also the gumline until you remove it by brushing and flossing. Patients with chronic high blood sugar are more vulnerable to bacterial attack as their condition weakens the body’s immune response, allowing bacteria to further multiply.

If plaque is not regularly removed, it will lead to gum disease and cavities. Your daily oral hygiene is key to keeping your smile safe from bacteria and plaque. Daily brushing and flossing will keep bacteria under control. Eating a healthy diet low in sugars and carbs, while staying well hydrated to maintain saliva production will also help. If plaque is allowed to harden, it becomes tartar, which requires a dentist to remove.

In the beginning stages, gum disease, known as gingivitis causes the gums to swell, turn red, and bleed from irritation. If gingivitis is allowed to continue unchecked, it will lead to periodontitis–a severe infection of the gum tissue. Unless this is treated by your dentist, periodontitis will cause the gums to pull away from the teeth. Now the teeth can loosen and as the bone material supporting the teeth breaks down, they can fall out.

To ensure good oral health, please see your dentist regularly to remove tartar and to clean your teeth and gumline. Maintain your daily oral hygiene and including a healthy, balanced diet.

Don’t let oral bacteria destroy your smile. For more information or to schedule your next appointment with our dentist, Dr. James N. Aldridge Jr., we invite you to give our team a call at 304-523-3666 today.