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Are you considering dental bridge treatment? A dental bridge is a highly effective method of tooth replacement that attaches to neighboring teeth to securely fill gaps left behind by missing teeth. Once in place, it looks very natural and can match the natural appearance of your smile. Below, we have listed some of the many spectacular benefits of receiving dental bridge treatment:

– These dental restorations are designed to perform just like original teeth and enhance speech and eating abilities that lost or missing teeth often impede.

– Dental bridges are very long lasting and can last from a decade to a lifetime with proper care.

– Untreated gaps between teeth can cause destabilization in the gums and allow your teeth to shift around. Dental bridges maintain the original positions of your teeth and help your smile stay strong.

– Because they look and act like your normal teeth, dental bridges are not just a permanent tooth replacement, but one that beautifies your smile.

– Dental bridges can enhance facial structure that often suffers when teeth are lost and will cause your face to appear aged if not addressed.

No matter your preference for tooth replacement, Dr. James N. Aldridge Jr. and our team at James Aldridge Jr. DDS are committed to providing the quality you deserve. We invite you to call 304-523-3666 today and schedule a time to learn more about dental bridges in Huntington, West Virginia.