Is It Time to Receive Dental Bridge Treatment?

Are you considering dental bridge treatment? A dental bridge is a highly effective method of tooth replacement that attaches to neighboring teeth to securely fill gaps left behind by missing teeth. Once in place, it looks very natural and can match the natural appearance of your smile. Below, we have... Read more »

The Habits to Avoid if You Want Your Child to Have a Healthy Smile

There are habits in the world today that can harm your child’s smile, unfortunately, and our dentist, Dr. James N. Aldridge Jr., strongly encourages you to help your child avoid those at all costs. That way they can have strong and healthy teeth and gums as well as a top-notch... Read more »

Uncover Your Smile with Aging and Dental Health

It's always important to care for your smile as long as you live. The more you do to keep your smile safe and healthy during the latter years of your life, the better off your teeth and gums will be. Even though the last of your teeth will grow in... Read more »

The Basic Function and Appearance of Multiple Knocked Out Teeth Might Be Replaced by a Partial Denture

The American Association of Endodontists estimates that nearly three million teeth are lost each year from dental trauma caused by sports accidents, household injuries, and automobile collisions. While some knocked out teeth can be restored by endodontic therapy, many are lost to the traumatic incident and any ancillary harm caused... Read more »

Several Risk Factors for Gum Disease

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a common, yet severe oral infection of your gum tissues they can arise at any time. Gum disease is a progressive disease that can occur over many years and can be difficult to treat. However, there are numerous risk factors that are... Read more »

The Early Effects of Oral Atrophy Might Be Countered by Denture Adhesive

Your complete denture is an effective solution for restoring your basic oral function after the loss of your teeth. When Dr. James N. Aldridge Jr. originally designed the dental appliance it was intended to tightly match the existing structure of your gums. As the years go by it's possible for... Read more »

Is Your Oral Bacteria Affecting Your Health?

At the dental practice of James Aldridge Jr. DDS in Huntington, West Virginia, our goal is to help you maintain your healthiest smile. This is important because if you have an ongoing medical condition such as diabetes, your oral health can impact your condition. Let's take a look! The microbiology... Read more »

Dental Lab Insider: Dental Crowns

Dental crowns need to withstand strong chewing, chomping and grinding, so they’re created to be incredibly durable. When you receive a crown service in our office, we will create an impression of your pearly whites, but we do not actually create the crown on-site. To form the crown, we send... Read more »

Chewing Gum is Good For You

Sugarless gum can help prevent cavities! Chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes after you eat can help prevent cavities. The key to chewing gum’s effectiveness is a very simple trick your body has for protecting your mouth and teeth: saliva. When chewing gum, it is the saliva, not the gum... Read more »

Flossing Instructions Made Easy

What would you say if we told you that flossing could be easy? Would you think we were crazy? Well, with the proper technique, flossing can be a quick and effective way to improve your oral health and hygiene. Here are some tips you can follow while flossing: Take around... Read more »