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Do you have missing teeth in need of replacement? Bridges are made to replace one or more missing teeth and literally bridge the gap in your teeth. It is a desired treatment to regain the full function of your mouth after losing teeth. Dr. James N. Aldridge Jr. and our dental professionals want to help you regain your smile so you can get back to your daily lifestyle.

Your bridge can be supported by implants, your natural teeth, or a combo of both. The process to have a bridge installed may seem daunting, but it will greatly improve your comfort. Meeting with your dentist to determine what treatment is best for you is the very first step. Different options include traditional (crowns connected to both surrounding teeth), cantilever (artificial tooth connected to a crown), or a Maryland (artificial tooth bonded to surrounding teeth).

Your first visit with your dentist will involve the making of a mold of the affected teeth. At your next visit, your permanent bridge will be installed. A traditional or cantilever bridge will be cemented to natural teeth, and a Maryland bridge will be fixed into place with wings. Caring for your dental bridge is vital in preserving it for a long time. If you don’t keep proper care of it, it can only last up to 5-7 years. Proper care will result in the length of up to 10 years.

You can fix many speaking or chewing difficulties after the loss of a tooth with the installment of a bridge. Make sure to floss daily and brush twice a day to reduce the risk of decay and infections. Set up an appointment with James Aldridge Jr. DDS by contacting our office in Huntington, West Virginia, by calling 304-523-3666 today!