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Have you heard of this? Banana peels being used for DIY teeth whitening? It’s another sketchy Internet rumor based on anecdotal evidence from blogs that claim this is a thing. But there haven’t been any academic studies or scientific examinations to back it up. The claim is that if you simply rub your teeth with the inside of a banana peel for 2 minutes, it can remove stains on your teeth and make them multiple shades lighter.

So, is it true? We seriously doubt it. The American Dental Association (ADA), which is the industry leader in dental health information and breakthroughs, knows nothing about it and doesn’t offer an opinion on the use of banana peels to whiten teeth. However, they do say something about fruits in general. Their advice is to eat them, but don’t use them as tooth whiteners. The acids and sugar in many fruits are harmful to the enamel on teeth. After eating, brush or rinse so that these elements do not remain in the mouth to cause erosion or an increased bacteria count.

Eating the banana and throwing away the peel is the best way to go. But if you worry about your yellowing teeth, here is some advice. The best way to whiten teeth is to always brush twice a day, don’t smoke, and stay away from teeth staining food and drink. Of course, with age teeth will yellow slightly. So, if you want to take a more aggressive approach to whitening, you can try various over-the-counter products from whitening toothpaste, to whitening strips and gels. Although, these may require some time and multiple applications. Also, your dentist can give you the professional tooth whitening treatment with a same-day tooth whitening procedure.

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