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Bleach Your Teeth Back to White With Professional Treatment

Do your teeth need cosmetic treatment due to unwanted discolorations or stains? If so, one of the most effective ways to remove tooth stains from the tooth enamel is with whitening treatment. Treatments for teeth whitening are available in all varieties, and the products can range from every day over-the-counter products at your local store to professional quality offered by our dentist office.

Your primary options for teeth whitening treatment include professional service from the dentist, professional at-home whitening, and commercial store products.

There are two traditional types of teeth whitening: using peroxide to bleach the teeth, which is usually ideal if you have deep stains, or using a less-potent chemical product that can only remove stains from the surface. To receive the safest and most effective teeth whitening, we encourage you to visit the dentist.

Some products offered in stores or online can cause adverse health effects such as tooth sensitivity or bleached gums, and may cause gum irritation if you use a bleaching tray improperly or try to wear the wrong size. We encourage you to consult with Dr. James N. Aldridge Jr. before selecting a commercial product so that he can determine which option would be the safest and most effective for your desired results.

If you would like to schedule a session for teeth whitening in Huntington, West Virginia, please call James Aldridge Jr. DDS at 304-523-3666. Our dentist and team have the experience and attentiveness to deliver your dream results!